Spotlight: Sheila Schmit

This time in the spotlight: Sheila Schmit, President of DP Dudelange.

Sheila Schmit has definitely found her way. Two years ago she started her own business as a freelance midwife. Before that, she had worked for 15 years at the Esch hospital, among other places. But she was tired of shift work, the organisational structure in the hospital and the working conditions.

Above all, she wanted to reconcile her family, her husband and her two children, with her job. Sheila works a lot even now: “I am really needed by the mothers-to-be and am almost always on call. But I can organise myself better now and enjoy my job more.”

Her main goal remains to create a birth centre in Luxembourg so that women can choose where they give birth.

Sheila Schmit has always been interested and committed to her fellow human beings. Especially when it comes to health and reconciling work and family. Because of her acquaintance with Carole Olinger, it was only a small step to get involved in the DP: “I can contribute to our society here.”

Born in Differding, she now heads the local DP section: “More and more people are joining us. We are an active team that gets along well. However, we are intensively looking for more candidates for the local elections in order to enter the local council in 2023.”

The focus of the work is clearly on mobility: “There is so much to do. For example, concerning the transit traffic of lorries through Dudelange. The public transport connection is also far from optimal. The train connection with the capital is a real disaster.” As for traffic in Dudelange itself, the local DP calls for a reduction of traffic through the city and in residential areas, as well as better infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists.

“I am really needed by the mothers-to-be and am almost always on call.”

Sheila Schmit, President of the DP Dudelange

School infrastructures in the commune are also in need of improvement. There may be new buildings like in the ‘Lenkeschléi’ district, but in many older school buildings and ‘Maisons Relais’ the situation is far from optimal.

Finally, the DP Dudelange insists that the existence of the hospital in the fourth largest city in the country be secured, especially the polyclinic, which is extremely important for people in their daily lives.

The committed team around Sheila Schmit has clear goals and is also willing to put a lot of energy into achieving them.



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