Yuriko Backes

Tax relief up into the middle class

Strengthening people’s purchasing power is one of the main concerns of the Democratic Party. Therefore, the state has already provided 2.5 billion euros within the framework of the Energiedësch, Solidaritéitspak, and Solidaritéitspak 2.0.

Already at the presentation of the draft budget, Yuriko Backes had announced her intention to further strengthen the purchasing power of the people through tax relief, insofar as the budgetary leeway would allow this.

In the Commission, Yuriko Backes explained at the end of January that the deficit had actually turned out to be less than expected. The deficit in 2022 will be at least 500 million euros lower than estimated. Public debt will be 24% of GDP at the end of 2022, lower than estimated and well below the 30% ceiling set in the government agreement.

This allows further targeted tax relief to be introduced. Retroactive to the beginning of 2023, thanks to a tax credit, the purchasing power of individuals will be additionally strengthened. In concrete terms, this will relieve the burden on households by 500 million euros. Yuriko Backes has chosen a coherent and cautious approach to strengthen people’s purchasing power.



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