The DP mourns the loss of Paul Helminger

With Paul Helminger, Luxembourg loses a politician who has strongly shaped the country and the city of Luxembourg. Paul Helminger was a politician who moved things. A man for whom modernization was not a slogan, but a task for which he committed himself wholeheartedly: as a diplomat, as chief of staff, as secretary of state, as deputy, as member of parliament, as mayor of Luxembourg-city, and as entrepreneur.

Paul Helminger was cosmopolitan in his manner and always open to new developments: in life, in politics and in the economy. Paul Helminger’s career was never about an ideology, but about the matter at hand. With his dynamism and optimism, he again and again inspired people with new projects and new ways of doing things. As mayor, he took the Greens for the first time into the coalition at Knuedler.

Born in Esch-sur-Alzette, he studied law and political science and in 1974 – after a start in his diplomatic career in London – became Prime Minister Gaston Thorn’s chief of staff in the Thorn-Vouel/Berg Government (1974-1979).

In the next Werner-Thorn/Flesch government (1979-1984), Paul Helminger became the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, Foreign Trade, the Economy, the Middle Class and Justice. A time that was still marked by the steel crisis, in which the country had to reposition itself economically. Paul Helminger was involved in several economic missions abroad to attract new businesses to Luxembourg.

Later, Paul Helminger became a Member of Parliament and later a member of the City Council. In 1991 he became alderman at the Knuedler and in 1999 he took over the office of mayor from Lydie Polfer, who became member of the Juncker-Polfer government (1999-2004). For Paul Helminger, the term of office as Mayor of Luxembourg-city from 1999 until 2011 was his most enjoyable time as a politician.

After the end of his political career, Paul Helminger, among other things, once again took over responsibility at the helm of Luxair and Cargolux. The DP mourns the loss of one of its most brilliant heads and expresses its sincere condolences to his family and friends.



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