Carole Olinger

A strong DP-Team for the Forge du Sud

The DP is represented in Dudelange again. Founded in 2018, the section is 14 members strong and highly motivated to bring Dudelange forward. This is what we’re working towards, and we’re looking to be represented in the municipal council again in 2023. Our section has a range of ideas of how life can be improved for the citizens of Dudelange. The points below are 5 of our main priorities:

The Dudelange section of the DP aims to adopt a more coherent and sustainable mobility concept which, amongst other things, distinguishes itself through better infrastructures for bicycles, improved signposting and more direct railway connections to the city centre. One of our principal goals is to reduce traffic in the core of the city and its surrounding residential areas.

Other priorities are the modernisation of school infrastructures and higher investments into IT equipment for primary schools and day-care centres. Dudelange is the fourth biggest city of the country and will continue to grow over the next years. As such, it is crucial for the local DP section to safeguard the Dudelange hospital, allowing the citizens a continued and excellent access to health care services also in the coming years. 

Our section wants to give all the people of Dudelange an opportunity to further themselves and by doing so create new prospects. Therefore, we strive for a larger offer of ongoing learning opportunities for adults and seniors.

A greater awareness about ecological matters, such as littering, upcycling and waste management is another point of concern for the DP in Dudelange: a clean and sustainable city, means am improved quality of life for everyone.

Carole Olinger


Carole Olinger is the president of the Dudelange DP section; she’s 40 years old and works as a teacher in the primary school of Dudelange. She likes spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys being out and about in nature, likes travelling and playing sports, and she loves cooking and reading. We asked Carole why she became politically involved:

“I think it is important that more women and young mothers become involved in politics, so that they can help to shape the future for their kids. It’s essential that people from the field bring their experiences directly to the political table. As a candidate for the Chamber of Deputies in the last general election, it was clear to me that I wanted to help create a DP section in Dudelange as well. I’m convinced that the values and the modern as well as forward-looking views of the DP mean an added value to Dudelange.”



Weider Artikelen

Yuriko Backes

Yuriko Backes – the new minister of finance

As Minister of Finance, a natural priority is to ensure that our public finances remain sound. This is because we want to prepare our country for the future by focusing on sustainable development and investing in digital development.

Citizens’ Assembly

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel announced the formation of a Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate last autumn. It all started at the end of January: In the first of around 15 meetings, the members were first informed about the current state of affairs in climate policy.

Xavier Bettel

Focus on social cohesion

In his state of the nation address, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel highlighted the social-liberal aims of the government by announcing new social measures.

Gilles Baum

“Cheers” to our excellent wine and crémants

Gilles Baum recently requested a debate on viticulture in the Chamber of Deputies. In his eyes, viticulture is not only an important economic sector of our country, but also an essential part of our national heritage. The DP therefore insists on a regular discussion of the topic in Parliament.

Spotlight: Sheila Schmit

Sheila Schmit has definitely found her way. Two years ago she started her own business as a freelance midwife. Before that, she had worked for 15 years at the Esch hospital, among other places. But she was tired of shift work, the organisational structure in the hospital and the working conditions.