Achieving a good balance between professional and private life

Dear listeners,

Today, the significance of spending more time with the family, pursuing hobbies, and achieving a good balance between professional and private life is increasingly pronounced.

Over the past two legislative periods, the DP implemented comprehensive reforms to enhance this balance, including extending paternity leave from 2 to 10 days, increasing maternity leave from 8 to 12 weeks, and providing greater flexibility in parental leave. Moreover, the introduction of free childcare services and the promotion of remote or distance work have played a pivotal role in accommodating the diverse daily routines of employees.

These efforts will persist and expand in the coming years. The pursuit of balance between the professional and personal life is intricately woven throughout the coalition agreement. Specifically, three key areas require focused attention: parental leave, childcare support and working hours.

Engaging in dialogue with social partners, we aim to extend parental leave by up to three months. Furthermore, enhancing the flexibility of maternity leave and increasing the entitlement to childcare years from 2 to 3 years are on the agenda. Negotiating a temporary part-time option for parents with children under 13 is also in consideration.

By 2030, the capacities of Maisons Relais will be expanded to ensure every child secures a place in an existing facility.

Regarding remote or distance work, the government is committed to establish a legal framework that allows employees the option to work from locations beyond their homes or offices.

In terms of digitalisation, reinforcing the right to disconnect becomes imperative. Clear guidelines delineating when individuals must be available and when they can disconnect will be established.

Negotiations between employees and employers will be encouraged to determine working hours, and discussions with social partners will explore the introduction of annual working hours and the promotion of time-saving accounts within the private sector.

Recognizing the paramount importance of spending time with our loved ones, we advocate for a contemporary policy that addresses the needs of parents. For the DP, the discussion about work-life balance isn’t about choosing one over the other. Our objective is to ensure that everyone effectively harmonizes their family life and career.



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