Citizens’ Assembly

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel announced the formation of a Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate last autumn. It all started at the end of January: In the first of around 15 meetings, the members were first informed about the current state of affairs in climate policy. 

How far can and should Luxembourg go beyond its current climate targets? And what measures need to be taken in this regard? The 100 women and men who were selected by lot to represent Luxembourg society in the Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate will discuss these questions. They come from all walks of life, from all parts of the country and are Luxembourgish and non-Luxembourgish.

By the beginning of July, they should make concrete proposals, which will then be discussed together and included in the new climate plan.

Climate change poses enormous challenges for our society. That’s why the government has created this unique project for everyone to have a say in order to respond to this challenge.

It is important for the DP that it is not a body of politicians that makes top-down decisions. It is an exciting exercise in participatory democracy, where a hundred representatives of our society come together and elaborate positions. They are supported by experts from various fields to provide expert advice on the topic.

Even if the Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate is now starting its work, everyone can still contribute their ideas and suggestions for the government’s future climate policy:



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