Marc Hansen

Decentralization and Home Office: Shorter paths, more time for oneself and one’s family

Bringing working and living closer together to achieve a better quality of life is one of the DP’s main priorities. Many of the current problems, like mobility, originate from the fact, that for a long time a large portion of our economic activity was concentrated in the centre of the country. Focusing more on decentralisation means shorter distances, more time for oneself and one’s family, and strengthening our localities and our local trade.

Therefore, even before Corona, a number of initiatives were launched by the Minister of Public Service, Marc Hansen. The state should set a good example, also regarding home office work and decentralisation.

Thus, e.g. a pilot project on telework in the Civil Service was started. After the positive experiences, it was decided to open up the possibility of working from home more widely. One of the reasons why the transition to the Home Office and the pandemic was so successful.

By advancing and supporting home office working arrangements, many things are made easier for people. Be it the traffic jams that can be avoided on the way to, or from work or just generally the greater flexibility that people gain through working from home. Additionally, home office setups contribute to the decentralisation and therefore help in the process of making the country and its society more open and flexible.

The decentralization of public administrations is also progressing. An example is the Ettelbrück One project: here, more than half of the locality has already been rented out to public administrations. But also the new Ettelbruck railway station will have a number of new administrations. This will not only make the public administration more accessible to the people of the region, but will also revalorize and revitalize the region itself. And this in turn attracts new businesses and shops.



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