DP Rumelange: A blue team in the city of red soil

In 2017, the young team around “Mini” Wagner succeeded a real blow. After more than 30 years, a new color is present in the town council: the blue.

Complaining is not enough

“The majority was so used to being in power that many things went wrong in the commune. Many people were dissatisfied, but the political options were limited: either LSAP or CSV. That’s not a choice!” Mini insists. And because complaining is not enough when you want to change something, he co-founded a DP section in Rumelange with other people – just barely four months before the election. “It was definitely a challenge because none of us had any experience in politics. But we received a lot of support from our colleagues from the DP Kayl-Tétange. The will to bring about change was there and we had many motivated young people who wanted to get involved. We were not interested in political games. We wanted to get things done and to help people with their concerns.”

New dynamics

Moving Rumelange forward and bringing fresh wind into the southernmost commune of the coun-try. This is the main goal of the DP section of Rumelange. “In the past there was always a lot going on here. There were cinemas, discos and even a tram. Today, there isn’t even any bank and the post office will also soon be closed. We need a new dynamic in our community.” A top priority is mobil-ity. In particular with regard to commuter traffic, the DP Rumelange is wants to emphasize traffic calming and strengthen public transport. In addition, a new park concept and the creation of a shared space should contribute to improving the situation.

Concrete ideas

The DP Rumelange wants to put people’s needs first. Citizens should be involved more and their concerns should be heard. Like many cities in Luxembourg, Rumelange is growing and needs modern infrastructures that are adapted to the needs of the people. Be it in sports, at school or in the social sphere. Fortunately, the issues concerning the new retirement home could be resolved with the help of the Ministry of the Family. Another important demand of the local DP is the valorization of the industrial heritage. “Everyone knows the Mining Museum, but there are many other great places worth exploring!”. Right now, with the Unesco program Man & Biosphere during the Culture Year Esch2022 taking place, it’s the right moment to realize one or another exciting project in this area. This will also help to further promote tourism in the southern region of Luxembourg.

Patrick Wagner, called “Mini”

Mini Wagner has done much in his life, but the former owner of a pub is best known for his travesty show “Mini’s Crazy Show”, which is still popular across the country today. The 55-year-old only entered politics late.

“I did not like the way things were going here in Rumelange, but it’s always easier to complain than to get involved and to do better. I wanted to change something.”

For the liberal councilor, it is particularly important to give young people a voice in politics and to listen to them. That the youth is committed and has good ideas, no one needs to convince him of this: in 2017, the DP Rumelange presented one of the youngest lists in the entire country.



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