Anne Daems

For a future in which we can all find ourselves

In a little over four months, we’ll have local elections – on 11th June the so-called super election year begins, in which parliamentary elections will also take place on 8th October.

The term super election year is not an exaggeration, because the political future of our municipalities and our country is at stake – in other words, the future of all of us for the next five or six years. That is not to be underestimated: especially in today’s times of crises, where which we do not know when they will end.

In times like this, our country needs committed politicians on whom people can rely. The members of the DP and all its candidates are ready to take on responsibilities.

We have already proven this in recent years through our work in government, in Parliament and in many municipalities across the country. We have proven that we take the expectations and concerns of the citizens seriously and respond to them.

The DP has proven that it can lead the country pragmatically through times of crisis and that the citizen is at the centre of all decision-making.

The DP is and always has been close to the people.

To us that means promoting togetherness in the communities. That means that everyone who wants to can participate in shaping life in their community. It means creating places of encounter that are accessible to all. That means a lively community life … family-friendly municipalities … municipalities where children can be children … great offers for our senior citizens … a municipality where people live together instead of side by side … and a municipality where no one is forgotten.

To us being close to the people also means that municipalities must become even more attractive for their residents. That is why we support local and regional business and good crafts enterprises that create jobs nearby. That means a shorter distance to work and more time for family and leisure. Flexible working hours are also an important topic for us when it comes to making the most of family and leisure time.

Additionally, it also means continuing and intensifying our efforts to tackle the major challenges in the areas of climate and energy.

Finally, it also means combatting the lack of affordable housing. The government and the municipalities, together with the private sector, must assume even more responsibility, which means, among other things, building faster.

To us, a modern transport policy means that everyone: pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users and car drivers, can move around safely and quickly.

The DP stands for politics of being close to the people and cares about the citizens. The DP politics are close to you, close to your family, the DP stands together with you in life and shapes the future in such a way that we can all find ourselves in it and feel comfortable.



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