Gilles Baum

Guaranteeing Equal Opportunities in Education

Making school even fairer and thus guaranteeing every child a fair chance at an education.

“A minimum chance for the virus, a maximum chance for education”:

This remains the motto of the school start this year. Our students should be prepared for their future in the best possible way and at the same time be protected against the virus – of course the latter also applies to the teachers.

With the abolition of the general mask requirement, another milestone has been reached in our schools. This was made possible because of consistent testing, high vaccination rates and the numerous efforts of students and teachers alike. It was a collective effort.

At his traditional back-to-school press conference, Minister Claude Meisch presented his priorities for the coming years.

First up is the diversification of the offer : Over the past years, our public school system has already been adapted significantly to the different needs, talents and ambitions of our children and young people. We will continue on this path. Because the best school is a school that is adapted to different needs, and those are different for everyone.

For the DP, it is of utmost importance that students get the support they need to catch up on possible learning lags.

In this regard, the ‘Summer School’ was a great success. More than 7,000 pupils took up the offer to repeat school contents and to prepare themselves for the start of school. The Summer School should therefore remain an integral part of the educational offer, even after the pandemic.

Additionally, the new nationwide free tuition concept will help to ensure fair educational opportunities.

The responsible Minister Claude Meisch has also announced that going forward, compulsory schooling will continue until the age of 18. That way, we want to ensure that young people do not throw in the towel prematurely and turn their backs on school forever.

With innovative pedagogical concepts and a very practical approach to teaching, young people should be motivated and given enough time to prepare themselves adequately for the working world.

Dear listeners,

The Covid crisis has not become an education crisis. That is very commendable, but we must not stop now. It is our intention to make schools even fairer and thus guarantee every child a fair shot at an education.

The education policy priorities of this year’s beginning of the new school year do this justice.



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