Frank Colabianchi

Report about the public funding of hospital Investments

For good hospitals, we need the necessary investments to ensure the construction, modernisation and maintenance of the infrastructure.

To ensure that the investments are in line with the law, the Luxembourg Court of auditors prepared a special report on the public financing of hospital investments from 2007 to 2017. The report was examined by the competent budgetary control committee. In this context, discussions took place with the government and the Court of auditors.

The DP member of parliament and commission member Frank Colabianchi was entrusted with the report, in which he highlighted various findings of the Court of auditors and also formulated recommendations for future investments in the hospital sector.

Among them, the need for better monitoring on the part of the Ministry of Health. Another recommendation highlights the need to establish common rules for future investments – whether the state is the project owner or whether it only mobilises public funds for the project.


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