Carole Hartmann

Carole, we are halfway through the current legislative period. What has your first mandate as a member of parliament been like so far?

In the beginning, everything was new and exciting of course. I was glad that I could count on my colleagues from the DP. They were very helpful, so I quickly got to know the procedures of the “Krautmaart”. I found myself at home very fast. For me, it is a great honor to sit in Parliament. I want to use this time efficiently to speak up for the citizens.

What are your political priorities in parliament?

I am particularly dedicated towards creating more flexible working models that are aligned with our modern times. Rigid working schemes no longer reflect the reality of people’s lives. We need solutions that take into account their actual needs. Promoting telework, as well as more flexible working and opening hours, and introducing annual working time, are some of my top priorities. It would be a win-win situation for both employees and companies. As a lawyer, I also deeply care about the judicial system. I want our procedures to be modernized and simplified to improve people’s access to justice.

Since the beginning of the Covid-crisis, you have stood up for employees and companies.

We desperately need to prevent people from losing their jobs because of the pandemic. This applies to both employees and independents. With partial unemployment, or “chômage partiel”, the government has a powerful tool to secure thousands of jobs. However, independents cannot benefit from this. We need to have a broad discussion on creating some kind of partial unemployment or substitute wage for independents, to help them stay afloat in times of future crises.

“I am committed to more flexible working models that are adapted to our times.”

You also work as a municipal advisor in Echternach. What are the biggest concerns of the town?

Echternach is an attractive city from many different viewpoints. I want to improve the city’s accessibility and mobility – be it on foot, by bike, bus or car – to maintain its positioning as a shopping and tourist destination. Even as a member of the opposition, many of my suggestions are being adopted: the maintenance of our streets and sidewalks – especially for people with reduced mobility – , the expansion of parking lots and bicycle stands around the market square, the preservation of bus parking spaces in the center, a parking garage by the old train station and a better organization of construction works. However, I regret to see the lack of priorities and coordination when it comes to the implementation of these projects.



Weider Artikelen

Yuriko Backes

Yuriko Backes – the new minister of finance

As Minister of Finance, a natural priority is to ensure that our public finances remain sound. This is because we want to prepare our country for the future by focusing on sustainable development and investing in digital development.

Citizens’ Assembly

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel announced the formation of a Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate last autumn. It all started at the end of January: In the first of around 15 meetings, the members were first informed about the current state of affairs in climate policy.

Xavier Bettel

Focus on social cohesion

In his state of the nation address, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel highlighted the social-liberal aims of the government by announcing new social measures.

Gilles Baum

“Cheers” to our excellent wine and crémants

Gilles Baum recently requested a debate on viticulture in the Chamber of Deputies. In his eyes, viticulture is not only an important economic sector of our country, but also an essential part of our national heritage. The DP therefore insists on a regular discussion of the topic in Parliament.

Spotlight: Sheila Schmit

Sheila Schmit has definitely found her way. Two years ago she started her own business as a freelance midwife. Before that, she had worked for 15 years at the Esch hospital, among other places. But she was tired of shift work, the organisational structure in the hospital and the working conditions.