Patrick Goldschmidt

We’re not leaving the people in the ‘Gare’ area and in Bonnevoie out in the rain

Dear listeners,

For many years now we have had a security problem in parts of Luxemburg-Gare and Bonneweg. This is nothing new and I don’t believe the fingers I have will suffice to count the number of times the city has checked with national authorities to get further assistance and help. All we wanted, was the the means to fulfill one of our most important obligations: to keep the citizens of the capital safe. It’s been long enough that we have been pointing out that something needs to finally happen … and that’s what eight out of ten people said in a recent survey.

The council has long called for more police officers on site, the possibility of a ‘dismissal’ and more competencies for the municipal law enforcement officers.

Since December last year, the aldermen’s council has hired a private security company to patrol the affected streets with dogs. The public support for this action is overwhelming. However, the opposition in the local council brings up legal counter-arguments … yes, we are even accused of undermining the state’s monopoly on the use of force.

This has never been the case and it will not be in the future! Our initiative is more of a “cry for help” because we simply want to restore the security and, above all, the feeling of security of our citizens. Nothing more, and nothing less! And if two out of three residents welcome the measures in a survey, this shows how well the measure is received. The city of Differdange has had a security company for the past two years … as have a handful of other parishes across the country. However, this is not mentioned in the discussions at either political or union level.

Dear listeners,

The city has now taken on its responsibility because we saw no other way out, and because we cannot leave the people of the city out in the rain. This is a first step.

However, to fundamentally change the situation, we need the cooperation of all national and local authorities. In plain language, this means: a higher presence of the police, the establishment of the police’s right for ‘dismissals’, more powers for the police and the municipal law enforcement officers, better training, clarification of the legislation on private security companies, clearer regulations that allow intervening in the entrance area of ​​houses. Of course, social care must also be strengthened to improve the situation in regard to crime, prostitution and drugs.

There are now first initiatives that indicate a positive reaction from the ministries directly affected. This national problem can only be tackled if all parties work together. The city has taken a first step. Let’s try to make it happen … together!


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