Claude Lamberty

For the country and its people, during and after the Corona Crisis

Dear listeners,

The DP wrote history last year. We organized the first digital party congress in Luxembourg.

It was a huge success. This week, the second DP digital congress is going to take place. This time, too, we have done everything in our power to make the Congress as innovative, democratic and interactive as possible.

We hope, however, that our next congress can once again take place in front of a large number of members.

The DP is used to looking forward with optimism and energy.

And we are convinced that the light at the end of the virus tunnel is getting brighter and brighter.

Vaccinations will allow our society to regain much of our freedom, which we had to relinquish for almost the entire last year – and until now.

Each vaccination is another step back towards normality.

And the willingness to vaccinate is in Luxembourg very great, greater than in many countries abroad. If the producers abide by their delivery plans, we believe that by the summer every adult resident will have received an invitation to get vaccinated.

On the other hand, we feel sorry for all those people who have lost a loved one to the virus or whose health has suffered greatly.

It has not been easy for a liberal party in particular, such as the Democratic Party, to take all these crisis measures over the last year.

Measures which, however, strike a healthy balance between the health, freedom and economic activity of the country.

But public health stood and stands for us very clearly at the forefront of our efforts.

To save lives and to protect the most vulnerable. That’s the priority. And it is precisely in these times that solidarity is proving to be the foundation of our society.

Solidarity is a piece of our DNA, as our country and its citizens have demonstrated over the past 13 months.

In any case, the DP is convinced that we can master the pandemic and its variants with vaccinations, discipline, research and common sense. In a way that guarantees our freedoms as far as possible.

The Democratic Party, however, is also looking to the future and continues therefore to work on ambitious measures, for a more sustainable and solidary Luxembourg, even after the virus.

In finance, we point the way for future investments that we are able to afford thanks to a responsible budgetary policy. The well-being of our children in school will continue to play an important role even after the crisis. The civil service continues to work on deepening digitalisation.

Even the work-life balance and the aspect of time will continue to be at the top of the priority list for the DP. We will make sure that people’s work and leisure activities can be better organized in the interests of the people. Not to forget, the middle class, the horeca sector and tourism: sectors that need a partial recovery after the crisis.

Dear listeners,

A good future for country and people, that is and remains the goal of the DP. And we will continue to work towards that goal. During and after Corona.


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