Pressekonferent Bilan DP-Fraktioun 2021

The fight agains Covid is on the right way – continue the liberal and social path

The “Luxembourgish way” – the mixture between vaccination and sanitary measures – is the right way in the fight against the pandemic. This was our parliamentary group’s leaders’ message at the concluding press conference of the DP parliamentary group.

It was equally good to adapt the measures taken along the ways, as was done recently with the self-tests in sports, at cultural events and in the HORESCA sector. This allowed to maintain and guarantee a balance between health and safety and personal freedoms. This only worked because the citizens have shown commitment, responsibility, and solidarity.

Pressekonferent Bilan DP-Fraktioun 2021

All of this obviously costs money, Gilles Baum pointed out. Therefore, it is not the time to increase of reduce taxes on the backs of the future generations. One would however continue to move forward on the social-liberal tracks. Meaning, investments as they have already been done are or planned for in matters such as the increase of the minimum wage, maternity leave, partial unemployment, cost of life allocations and the planned index adaptation of the minimum wage. What should of course also not be forgotten is the successful strategy for the education sector, thanks to which the general education and schooling services were able to be upheld without any negative trend.

Pressekonferent Bilan DP-Fraktioun 2021

All the expenses – the same as the 465 million Euros for the businesses – were only made possible thanks to Minster of Finance Pierre Gramegna’s responsible policy.

The DP – Gilles Baum went on – will also continue to work towards promoting various measures implemented during the pandemic in the fight against the Covid virus. The DP parliamentary group’s leader mentioned working from home and more flexible working hours as two examples.



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