Standing united against Russia

Good afternoon,

It’s been 12 days since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, which means 12 days of great suffering for the Ukrainian people. The extent of the casualties and the material damage are not known for now, but great suffering has certainly already occurred.

President Putin’s actions are unacceptable and must be rejected in the strongest possible terms. It is a disregard for fundamental human rights and the self-determination of a nation. What does Russia have in mind? Does she want to change the world order? It is precisely from such a regime that we do not have to receive any lessons.

If this war has proved anything in a short time, it is the enormous solidarity in NATO, the EU and beyond, from our transatlantic partners.

NATO is a defense community, and this crisis proves how important the North Atlantic Alliance is. The Russians are surprised that all of a sudden, NATO is neither obsolete nor brain-dead. On the contrary, it is having a renaissance and will emerge stronger than before from this conflict.

The reaction of the EU has also been exemplary so far. The economic sanctions have proven that they can replace military actions and the Russian economy is already being hit in its core. I am thinking e.g. of the aviation sector and the Russian central bank. The exclusion from the Swift financial transaction system in particular will really hurt a number of Russian banks. And it should hurt. The DP welcomes all these measures and also the ban on the Russian state media Russia Today and Sputnik.

Unfortunately, we will feel the economic effects of this war, too. For example, in terms of energy prices. The government has already reacted and made 75 million € in aid available. With an additional energy premium for households benefiting from the “Allocation de vie chère”, Family Minister Corinne Cahen has taken concrete measures in favor of those who need it the most.

Our sympathy goes out to the Ukrainian people in these hours. That is why substantial military assistance must also be guaranteed. It is commendable that a number of countries have now delivered supplies to Ukraine. Our armed forces are also providing 100 anti-tank weapons, jeeps and tents, among other things. The DP also finds it remarkable that the EU is mobilizing 500 million € for weapons and other equipment. The money comes from the new Peace Facilitation Fund.

Of course, diplomacy must remain active despite the use of weapons. The Russians, after all, now want to play the role of peacemaker. Putin, of course, is no longer to be trusted and one must remain wary of him. Every effort must be made to weaken him at home. Therefore the opposition movements in the country must be supported, so that this regime collapses sooner or later.

It seems that the Russian invasion is falling short of its own expectations. This is also due to the courageous resistance of the Ukrainians. All the more reason to give them massive support.

Dear listeners,

The Western community must continue to be tough on Moscow. The sanctions should remain in force or be extended until 3 conditions are met:

  1. the last Russian soldier must have left Ukrainian territory.
  2. Ukraine must retain its full self-determination and decide for itself which alliance it wants to partake in the future.
  3. Russia must pay for all human and material damages.

The fact that Putin is also threatening to use nuclear weapons is more than outrageous. All liberal-minded countries must now stand together and show the Russians that they have gone too far and must now bear the consequences.



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